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                                                       ”Ek idea jo badal de aapki duniya” 


Do you have an idea that can target the unmet needs of the country? If yes, then we have the platform for you. Ransangram 3.0 presents masterpreneur an event wherein you need to present a business idea that is creative enough to attract an audience, feasible enough to be implemented and be innovative at the same time.



  • Participants can register in a team of 2 or individual.

  • Participants will be presenting their ideas to investors who are expected to finance the participant’s idea.

  • The business idea needs to be presented with power point presentation of maximum 4 slides and other props can be used for explaining ideas more clearly.

  • The participants will be judged based on the follows:

    A) Business Idea
    B) If their valuation of idea, reflated by demanded by funding in trade of certain percent equity, is close        to true valuation of idea/company?
    C) Do you succeed in convincing investors enough to invest in there idea?
    D) Whether investment made is more, equal to or less than demanded?

  • You need to come prepared to ask for investment in exchange for some equity of their company.

  • Watch “Shark Tank” on you tube to have edge over others.


Link for Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/ZVSW4fC337LSCuEv1




  • Last date for registration: 23/02/2017 6:00 PM.

  • Participants have to send there ppt on kalpavriksha@fmsbhu.ac.in by 23/02/2017 9:00 PM.

  • It is an on-campus event on 26/02/2017.

  • The solution needs to be sent on the id: kalpavriksha@fmsbhu.ac.in with the following subject line: Ran Sangraam 3.0-Masterpreneur-[team name]-[institute name]

Contact Information:

Email-id : kalpavriksha@fmsbhu.ac.in

Akanksha                |  +91-8765407842  

Priyam                     |  +91-9035895898