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Breaking the shackles of monotony we present you ‘Housie’. Numbers have for long juggled the game of housie, how about twisted tadka to the old-wise-housie. This will be just like the traditional game of housie with the same rules and methods, exceptthat the participant will not be required to mark off numbers. If not numbers then what??



  • The participants will be given cards with names of different stuff on them. For example, a black pen, bike keys, etc. (These items will replace the numbers that are marked off in the original game of housie.)

  • The person hosting the game will read out the name of the items and the participant will berequired to obtain that item from anywhere or anyone in the college premises within 5 minutes.

  • Once they have obtained an item and returned back to the place of the competition, within the given time, they can mark off those items from their cards.

  • The participant who marks off all the items on his/her card first will be declared winner.

  • Incase no one is able to mark off all the items, then the participant with highest number ofmarked off items will be declared winner.


Link for Registration:  https://goo.gl/forms/ZVSW4fC337LSCuEv1




Last date for registration: 23/02/2017 9:00 PM
It will be the on-campus event on 26/02/2017.

Contact Information:

Email-id : kalpavriksha@fmsbhu.ac.in

Ashwani Yadav       |  +91-9793422364  

Kavita                       |  +91-9536349558

Shivam                     | +91-8385076631